there was a man I dated last year, it was difficult because he was military.  Something told me not to but I did anyway.  He was moving to the east coast and did and things got complicated.

I didn't hear from him for one year until a few days a go and it was VERY odd.  He was the one person I didn't expect to hear back from but I did.

I do not really feel the same about him.  We just IM'd a few times and that was about it.  I have no desire to contact him again.  He's moved and too far away. 

Eventually it does get easier.  But sometimes I wonder if I will ever find anyone


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thanks, its appreciated....<br />
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I"ll let you know what happened. Its just kind of sad cause it was a really good connection but like all things those things fade as time passes<br />
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I have nothing against the style either or any branch of the service. The lifestyle is hard that is for sure. Some are made for it and some are not. My past relationship with my marine was in the early stages to really determine if it was something that i could do. Technically we dated for 8 months but that is one heck of a different story then mosts that is fore sure. He is a lifer and planned on getting out at the 20 year mark but sometimes they dangle the promotions and all types of things to keep them in. That is what happened this last time. He was going to get out but they promoted him to gunnery sgt and stayed in. If you need to talk or anything message me anytime. I am around.

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Thank you for the ad and the GURU status. I don't quite know why you did. <br />
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I have nothing against military or military lifestyle. It just doesn't work for me. <br />
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I am glad I spoke to him. If he wants to be friends then fine but that's it. he's too far away

You will. Just hang it there and dont get sucked back in. If you dont feel the same there is no reason to start something back up. I at one time thought the same darn thing and the minute I stopped looking or really caring for that matter someone from my past shows up after 14 years of not seeing each other. We ran into each other at a OSU party. We were very close from way back in HS. So keep your eyes open and your heart free. It will happen when it is suppose too.