My bf recently broke up with me in a text msg in two words...I truely loved him and he said he loved me...we went out for 2 and a half months...He was 18 and I am 15...He isnt a good guy he brought beer to skool after he stole it from a local store and he has cheated on almost all his girlfriends...I felt so loney because no guy ever wants to go out with and I've only had 2 bfs(including him) in my 15 i agreed to be his booty call just to get close to him and not feel so alone...what should I do??????????? I need some real help?

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

you need to think highly of yourself to begin with-then go from there!

You should not be a booty call for anyone. No self respect here. Need to work on better self ex<x>pression and positive outcomes.<br />
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You are your own person, but to young to be making grown up decisions. Consult a parent or a teacher.

2 boyfrds in 15 yrs iz ok...Nth 2 feel abashed..Ditch d boy n move ahead coz dere is s1 who wil reapect ur feelings waitin 4 u...

Ditch the booty call idea! Immediatly!<br />
You are worth so much more than an easy shag.<br />
Only having 2 boyfriends in 15yrs is fine. You have heaps of living to do and plenty of nice boys out there who will treat you with respect to meet.<br />
It might hurt, because you love him, but you will be so much better off - having sex with him when he wants it is not going to win him back and its only going to make you feel used. <br />
You can shine honey, kick the loser to the curb and get on with your life!