so basicly, this is the story of my life. as cliche as that sounds haha. I love him, he loves her, bleh bleh bleh. im sick of it. Hes just so perfect, I cant take myself away from him. He is, the love of my life. And he has no idea, to him were friends, and it kills me everytime he mentions his girfreinds, a cringe when he talks about her. wish that somehow, i could be the one he loves, the one whos in his arms. But im not. He still doesnt know.

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im just like you <br />
but im not even a friend of him !!!

i believe id go ahead and tell him!

Well.. hopefully you still have time for something like love to work out. For me at least I know how any kind of attraction will end up. I dont think theres really any hope in love, its always just pain, so they really just seem to be the same thing anymore.