I Think Ive Loved People Before and Not Been Loved Back

 I seem to have a habit of falling for people who would never love me back, I know its not unique, but its still painful.

Ive done it a lot of times, in high school I had a crush on someone, a really painful one that lasted for 3 years.  And again after that and again and again.. I always pick someone and become more and more attracted to them, but never ever tell them anything until they either move away or get married or die.  It used to feel raw and just f****ing awful, but not so much anymore.  Now it just feels like Im looking at the world from a long ways away.  I understand the interactions between other people pretty well, but when it comes to myself it usually takes months or years for me to realize that someone actually liked me, and by then theyre gone..

zorndyke zorndyke
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Hang in there - it does happen, we feel that we are loved because we are prepared to love in return. But must be careful because we tend to fall in love while others tend to be cautious and apprehensive. I hope you find someone that appreciates what you have to offer and the bonus will be LOVE<br />
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All the best <br />
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i think its happened to me but been a long time ago!