A Guy I Dated Not Too Long Ago...

A guy I dated not too long ago. But he turned out not to care very much. I'm not that certain I still love him, anyway.
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i thin you should let him/her go.. if you feel they <br />
don't love you.. coz i am sure...that you're<br />
heart have been struggling crying all the time..<br />
<br />
but i don't blame you guyz.. you're all just being inlove..<br />

it's one of those things when your head tells you one thing, and your heart says something else.. it's hard to reconcile the two different opinions...i know how it feels. and i am not going to say "it'll go away", but in time, things get better...

Was with a guy for 7 months, told me everything I wanted to hear but when I started to reciprocate the words,and started feeling more, he went running for the hills...good riddens to bad rubbish...when its right, it won't be wrong no matter what you do or say you'll work through it because the investment on both sides will be just as valuable.

i felt some time that being with the one you love is nice but if you fall out over something 2 years down the line then you will probberbly hate each other for the rest of your lifes......<br />
best stay clear and admire the beauty....<br />
<br />
i seen the fields of green and was so thrown by the wind mapped out on the field of emerald green.....<br />
i took a few groups down this field and afrter 6 months you seen a dirty brown path and sweet wrapers .<br />
that tels me something from a good teacher<br />

i too had the same experience,loved him like mad,put at stake all my self respect,got him a respectable place in my family n society and after 6 years he just walked over me making me look like a fool n best was that he created such a scene which looked as if i want the breakup.REAL THANKLESS SELFISH MEAN N CALCULATING guy.Just put yourself together n move on

are you a ********?

that sounds so sad!

im feeling that way now...for 26 years of existence, i never felt that i was loved...ive met a few guys. had dinner with them and it always turned out that they dont like me....one even courted my friend who introduced us...my ego was hit...ouch!!! whats wrong with me?

I have been there, it led me to my third breakdown, the one the I can't recover from. I did love him and I let it go one knowing he didn't really love me..

...I am new at Ep. I now know that I am not alone to in this situation. It hurts alot especially when you dont know what you had done wrong in the relationship. He gives silly excuses to end the relationship.. it was very painfully for me, my heart aches.... no doubt it still hurts at times but it is not as bad as the begining. It was a horrible feeling that I do not wish to go through or anyone to go through. It is acceptable for me if a man wish to leave a relationship but the words he used really hurt me and make me have doubts about my confident and beinging a woman who really take care of her man... My self esteem was at it's lowest level. Now, I am fighting my way back to be myself again. To be the assertive, confident and happy-go-luck woman my friends knew me as. I know I will make it and I will not let what he had said bring me down bcos of his huge ego. I will emerge a survive and you will too!

to love & it not be returned. i dated a man 5 years. my love was not returned. man was nice to me, but didn't love me. i learned a lot from that experience. it took a long time to get my self worth back. now, i'm more careful.

One day at a time...like an addict? I think that this man I love, the one that doesn't love me back. He's become my drug of choice and the sound of his voice telling me he loves me is my fix. So its been over a week now since I've had my fix...lol love just isn't supposed to be this way.

Im going through that sam e situation just take one day at a time

I hadn't stopped crying about the man who didn't love me and then I read that last post. I stopped crying and laughed...thank you so much! I love the sound of my laughter!

This feeling is so well known--and it still hurts. <br />
<br />
Charles Schultz (the creator of Snoopy!) said, "Nothing quite takes the taste out of peanut butter like unrequited love."<br />
<br />
I happen to agree.

my story is almost the same as lemon<x>dropeface...and i really wanted to move on but the guy is not letting me forget him...i dnt know what he wants he doesnt love me n doesnt lettin me go either :(

I was in a relationship for 3 years. We were engaged, and planning for marriage. But one day she said she was not sure about marriage because she was not sure even for engagement. She did that anyway because she did not want to offend me. What a lame excuse! I had a feeling that during our 3 years of relationship, she did not respond my love at the same level, may be she was just killing her time with me. I was depressed for a while but life goes on. Life has other purpose as well. Also, there are many many wonderful people, and ending of one relationship is not the end of the world.

i have a similar story. I thought i loved someone i was with a while ago but he wasn't inlove with me and it made me feel really worthless. NOw i know he wasn't worth feeling that way over and it was probably just infatuation and not love. Now i pay more attention to my feelings and try to understand what they really mean instead of just living in the moment and not considering the worst that could happen.

loving someone who has no feelings for you is the most painful thing there is. I know how it feels.

I was in a relationship of 7 years and this man did not love me. It took him cheating on me for the 3rd time to realize that he was this way bc I let him. I let him put me down that I no longer loved myself so why would he. It has been a month and the best damn month I must add. Sometimes it takes good friends, good whisky and some wild nights to remember who you once were and to remember that this life is too short to argue. Live life with no regrets is my new motto. So anyone out there going through hell hold on bc it gets so much better and you are way better off you just live your life and that man who you once thought so much of will come crawling back. And when that happens bc you know it will you tell him that he had his chance and that you hope he is happy. He wont be but he will always lust for you like the one that got away. While he is doing that you are gonna be havin the time of your life and I still am!!!

No, of course not. It'll get better.

im goin thru the same thing and it really hurts. Is there something wrong with me?

hey, i m experincing the same rite nw. had a bf for 1 half year. and now he is just not bothered. hurts me bad. just be strong and hang in thr

hey, i m experincing the same rite nw. had a bf for 1 half year. and now he is just not bothered. hurts me bad. just be strong and hang in thr

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I Fell 4 you in away mine is just the same. My marriage last 14yr one nite she said . I don't love you anymore and want a divore....

ur story like mine really i met someone & he made the same thing with me but look u too don't care about him very much & be sure that he will back to u =)<br />
wish u the best of luck