YES.  It Was An Experienc...

YES.  It was an experience I hope it'll never happen again.  I never thought it could hurt that bad.  I'm not mad at him 'cuz I knew he didn't love me and I was stupid but eitherway, he was a friend and he still had the guts to hurt me.

Recently, I get to talk to him and I felt the changes between us and I think I like now.  We're friends who shares life already and we're comfortable with each others company.  I moved on finally but when he told me he's so into this girl...there's a bit of jealousy but I guess I was jealous with the happiness he felt for this girl 'cuz I thought he'll never be serious with someone.  He found it but I didn't.  I still feels alone and longing for someone to come into my life. 

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love is looking in the same direction not at each other, thats why both of you got tired, the 'zing' is only a spark, something to remember so you don't let up.... its in the pursuit of goals together that enduring friendships are born. Your closest friends are those you got detention together with or those who watched you fall the hardest, they were not looking at you, they were running with you<br />
I wish you well, you are better for it. You had the courage to sustain the hurts from playing!<br />
You inspire me.

Hey that sucks. I know how you feel though. Its hard to be friends with someone who u have had feelings for. I know its happened to me. Hes still my friend and we talk abit online. I know iam better off without him cause its like he cant carry on a convo. lol

It wasn't that bad but it woke me up from slumber. We stayed friends but he still thought we're a 'couple'. I mean, we're not officially a couple, we had a misunderstanding and he thought we still have that connection. We don't see each other as often as before and it's better of that way. As i've said, we were friends, very close friends in fact that I've never expected he'd give me such attention but I was so stupid I believed him. Actually, I got over him. I tried to listen to myself when he's close and am happy I don't have that strong feelings when I get to hear from him. I moved on now and happy being single. =D

what happened? (sometimes it's good to share. It gives you time to reflect.)