Love and Betrayal

Ok, so this is kinda a long story.

This story is about a boy named Ricky. He was everything that I had dreamed of, and nothing of what I had thought.

I met him at the end of my junior year of high school. I was taken at the time with a boy named Brandon. I had thought that I was in major love with my boyfriend....until i met him.

I had gone to the library to get some book references for a school project that I needed. I ran into my close friend's mother, whom I had worked with at a previous job. She mentioned one of the security guards had seen me and wanted to be introduced to me. Apparantly she knew him personally and said that she thought he needed a girl like me to keep him in line. I just laughed and agreed to meet him. What could it hurt?

Well she took me downstairs and outside where he was taking a smoke break (I didn't smoke back then) and introduced us. I remember he didn't seem to take any interest in me at all and just couldnt stop thinking how odd the situation was. Well, I left shortly after, and a few weeks later I had to go back to the library for more schoolwork.

I walked in, and there he was at the door checking peoples bags (everyone was paranoid after the terriost attack) and when he got to me, he looked at me with that heart melting smile and asked, "Im sorry, but have we met before? you look so familiar."

Well, I just couldn't resist.

Of course, I said yea, we were introduced a lil while back. We ended up sitting there for over 2 hours just talking bout anything and everything under the sun. I remember that he had sometime during the conversation taken my keys and asking what each one was for. When he got to my house key, he slipped it off the keyring and put it in his back pocket of his pants.

I got realli upset. I needed my key to get in my house! he responded, "well, you you want it back so bad, ill give it to you if you come find me at the end of my shift....I'll be in the office....alone."

I was shocked! No way in hell was I gonna be some **** and meet up with him in his 'empty' office lol. well he found out shortly after that I had a boyfriend and practically threw the key at me. This stunned me even more lol. He got my number and I left.

He ended up calling me shortly later, and we hit it off.

I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend because of him. Ricky said that he loved me and wanted to be with me etc etc etc.

but then after a while (we werent offically going out) that he was talkin to some chick in texas. He seemed reali into her and started talking bout moving there to be with her. I was devestated. I did everything humanly possible to try to keep him here, with me. Nothing I did worked however. He left, and eventually had a baby with her.

Now, he isnt with her anymore, and has an almost 2 year old son. the moment he got back ( i was taken) he actualy had the nerve to say

"the whole time I was down in Texas, I was still hoping you were waiting for me"

Ugh! that moment, I realized that I had wasted over a year for him....for nothing. Just to get my heart broken. He is the essence of men that love torturing women just for attention. me and him are still friends to this day, but i will never...ever....let him get the upper hand from me again.

p.s. he is happily in a relationship with the gurl I went to high school with. they just celebrated their 10 month anniversary.............It wont last.

on the other hand, im a totally different person now, and i am actually happy with myself. :)

thats it....the end

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Thank you all for your support! <br />
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LifeApprentice, I do understand what ur saying. at the time i couldnt help but keep thinking that. I just figured it was karma coming back and kicking me in the butt. we all make mistakes, and obviously i had to learn this lesson the hard way.<br />
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yes, i believe i am stronger, and i refuse to create such a situation for myself again. :)

good for you! Sounds like you have come out of this a stronger person. :)

happy for you to get strong again :D

The best lesson I see from the experience would be note that you left your boyfriend for what you didn't have at that point, and he left you for someone he didn't have at that point. Did you keep in touch with your ex-boyfriend afterwards? Is he okay with what happened?

cheers:) lady..

Sounds like you had a lucky escape!<br />
Good on you for being a stronger and happier woman!