3 Years

I worked with someone for 3 years and absolutley adored them that whole time. Every single day I saw her or even knew she was in the building, my heart would race and I would begin to shake. We shared a lot of the same interests, we're both musicians and even had the same build. I finally got the nerve to tell her about the things that I felt for her. She is part of a very conservative church that doesn't even let people go on dates with non-members. She told me this but that didn't change the way I felt. I went through the same routine day in and day out for all those years. I think she felt something for me as well because of her body lanuage and the way she looked at me. But, anytime she showed a hint of feeling anything back, she literally got scolded by her "friends." Well, she finally moved to another city away from the people that constantly watch over her shoulder. I found out on Valentines Day that she is now preagnant, unmarried, and single. This person made me feel things that I've never felt for anyone. I fear that I will never feel this way for anyone else and don't know what to do about. I have a hard time just "going out" and meeting new people.

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ry good story-thanks!