I Still Have Hope.

I have a crush on a guy that is more than perfect for me. I know myself well enough to know that soon this crush will make it to the point that when I am not with him i can barely contain my self, and i can barely breathe. I love thinking about his crooked smile. (For those of you who have seen or read the Twilight series he reminds me of Edward Cullen except made for me, and without the venom) When I think of his name, I smile...without any control. I get an exhilaration beyond my comprehension as something pulses through my veins that I only recognize when i have a MAJOR crush. I am scared that he doesn't like me as much as I like him...I am scared that I am going to get too much into this and he is going to easily slip away. I know i am obsessing because I already spent 23 minutes watching a camp overview hoping to see his (perfect) face. He is so sweet. So, flawless. I am confused...I want to show him that I REALLY like him, but every time I am in public with him I can't seem to talk to him or i say the wrong thing. I really hope he doesn't take it like I am trying to avoid him, or don't care...Love is SO complicated....as an understatement.

luvinlife5117 luvinlife5117
Feb 15, 2009