I guess that I am only able to share this because, in this area I have no face, name, or emotional ties.  I have a very difficult time sharing my problems or issues so...I just attempt to resolve them myself.  I feel as though all the 9 years with my girlfriend has been nothing but giving.  Giving my heart, unconditional Love and time, time that I can never get back.  I will spare the details....I met her when I was 25 and she was 40, I guess you can do the math.  In my eyes my love did not see an age, she also has 2 daughters now at the age of 25 and 28 and two grandchildren whom love and still keep in contact with.  Needless to say our break up was this past Christmas, I could feel in my heart there was an issue within this past year, however I never stop loving her.....I felt as though I was the only one trying everyday...everyday.......everyday and nothing. I could not fix this....I am an extremely positive person, though I am not perfect.  For what it's worth, I would like to know why anyone would give up unconditional love, friendship, loyalty and truth and NOT have anything to say at the end not even GOOD BY, or Thank You............

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This is very difficult, there was a lot time that we shared....

this must have been hard on you