Heartless Valentine

well, it all started at a language course for german. i met this great girl. she was absolutly beautiful and we got rely well along together. but i didnt think i had a chance with her cas there were all these other guys so i thot, "no way, i am no match."

but as the course finished i kept on thinking about her so one day i email saying how i felt. she wrote back and so on. she eventually gave me her fone number and we started talking for like 2 hours every weekend. i eventually told that i loved her over the fone and she said she loved me. we found out we kept thinking about eachother and we were very honest and told our problems. but one weird thing is that i was in england and she in belgium. so i loved a girl who ive never kissed or anything, but she told she was coming to england for valentines day! which was not too long ago.

i was so excited for that day. i was waiting for it for 3 months. i rely thot there was something special between us. on christmas, i wgot her a 50 euro teddy bear and all she could say was "she loved it" she didnt give me anything for christmas.

she actually never called. i always did. like we wud say that she call but she never did. she also never txted me or never showed that she actuall cared or even loved me!! she just said three words(and i had to say i loved her first until she said she loved me). i rebooked my flight one day earlier from germany so i could see her. another 100 euros down the drain.

so two weeks before we meet. she sees her friend and there meets a guy..... we talked twice for 2 days after the day she met him. she didnt talk much about him, so i didnt think he was that big of a deal plus she said she "loved me". but next day, i go on facebook there it says "is now in a relationship with....(this guy she met at her friends) i was so upset, and there as her message thing it said "is loving chris, hes everything i want!!!" she lied to me. the entire time. she made me think she cared. she made me think that she loved me. afterwards i was also removed from her friends on facebook. that was even worse.

so im sitting there, and i have no idea wat to do. shud i call her? well no she wouldnt care anyway. but y wud she do this 2 WEEKS BEFORE WE FINALLY MEET!!! we had so much planned and her dad got us tickets to les miserables (she was comming with her parents and her best friend)

so one week after i get removed from facebook, and four days before valentines day, i call her tell her dad, tell him im cancelling and he understood and that was it. she couldnt even care to call. just one call was all i wanted to see if she actually cared about valentines day and me! and if she wudv called and said she wud just want to meet as friends i wudv been cool with that too! all i got was a txt from her 5 minutes afterwards i talked to her dad.... this is wat it said

"You ok? whats wrong whyd you bail out?"

BAIL OUT!!!  WHAT THE HECK SHE TOOK ME OFF OF FACEBOOK FOR ANOTHER GUY AND SHE COULDNT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT ME!! so bassicilly i wasted my time thinking about a person that never cared about me. i got a nice suit and a tie i spent ages looking for.... u have no idea how hard it was not to call and say i was sory for cancelling it..... but i had to! i couldnt respond to the txt. again there was no point because she never cared....

but in the end its probably not the girl that i miss... just the fact that there is a person who is a girl that i can talk to and love and cuddle.

thats all i want...

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Aww i'am so sorry that you had to go through all of that it had to be very hard and painful to go through but don't worry i'm sure that you will find the right girl for you someday and if your'e ever feeling sad or lonely or if you just want somebody to talk too you can always write me if you want and that i'am always here if you need a friend.:)

this is really sad-sorry!

awe..... that's sad, there shouldn't be so many cold hearted ppl on the planet. :(