9 Months Pregnant & Husband Leaving

 H elp!  I don't want to lose my husband but he's on his way out.  I'm nine months pregnant with our son and due any time and he just told me that he is moving out.  Everything was fine two weeks ago but then something changed and now I'm losing him.  I know that he's been talking to his ex and I'm afraid that he is running to her due to stress here at home.  I have three kids and he has one kid and I am pregnant with our first one together.  I am a very kind, loving person and very easy to get a long with however because of me having an illness and being pregnant I had to take a maternity leave earlier than planned and now our finances are suffering.  Because of this, I believe he's stressed to the point that he's running away from everything as fast as he can.  What can I do besides watch him go and watch my life crumble?  

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this in your condition. I wish there was an easy answer. Something that would make everything the way you want it to be. I believe that there are some things that we can control and some things we can not. Maybe this is out of your control. Just try to be strong and think of the beautiful life that you are bringing into the world.