I Guess Im Crazy

I loved someone that didn't love me and somehow I still can't get myself to stop loving him. I wouldn't say he didn't love...he did actually...but not the way I wished he would...I guess that actually makes it worse..hehe!

sarahlissa sarahlissa
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 11, 2007

I do understand.<br />
<br />
My unrequited love does love me, but not in the way he thinks I'm wanting him to love me.

It's true. It always feels like you'll never get over it, but as time passes you think back and it's almost funny when you think about how in love you were.

naw, you're not crazy... It takes time to move on; to let go of your love... But eventually it'll go away :) Just stay strong, don't let the sadness impede your life! Good luck sweetie