My Penny Lane

I'm in love with a friend, but he doesn't think of me that way. He dated one of my best friends and she hurt him, more than once. It kinda ruined our friendship but I don't really mind. I know that I love him, and have never felt like this for any one else because even though he doesn't feel the same, I want him to be happy and find someone special because he deserves it.

I call him My penny lane because we both love Almost Famous, and when I'm around him I feel like the uncool kid that he took in and made friends with.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Being in love with a friend is the roughest spot. I'm not "in love" with a friend, but I care about him deeply and more so the longer we stay friends, and I am also like that...thinking I wish he'd find someone to be happy with. He doesn't think he needs to date, but I want him to be happy and loved, even if it sadly isn't me.

Aww =[ im Sorry you feel That Way, Sometimes love Hurts and no Matter what you do it could never be the same, That's Why We Have to Move on And Make Things Right even if it Means Moving on to another guy =/