I Just Love Him !!!

i now know him for two years

i've fallen in love with him for more than six months , and i told him about my feelings a few days ago when i met him in the facebook as we were in the semister vacation !!!

he said he has just come out a relationship and he can't take another challenge for at least a year, and he said that he appreciates my feelings about him

now after we are back to the university he's acting like he doesn't know me at all , he never talks to me or at least says hi. To be honest, we didn't use to talk to each other before, but i really expected he will be kind with me just respecting what i feel...

im really so confused and disappointed about that :')

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مرحبا بك
كل منا لديه في الحياة ما ينغص عيشه

i know exactly how you feel i told a guy on myspace that i like him and he replied back that he doesnt feel the same way but he admired that he told me and said we can be friends though....but its weird cuz like now at school everytime he sees me he look down and like it hurts even more because he is always with his girlfriend making out and all i want to do is cry but i have to suck it up...

thank u for saying that, it really helped !!

Its really hard when people cant respect your feelings. It takes alot for someone to confess their feelings for someone. It makes it even harder when they dont have the decency to be honest with you. I am kind of going through a similar situation. Its the not knowing what happened that kills me. hope you feel better soon