false accusations can kill you from the inside out

so my story continues.......

we are now seprated and i am living away from my wife.  my heart is better in the physical sense.  we decided that we both need to talk to someone professional in order to help us cope with the life we were givien. 

my storie is my 1st wife with whom i have a child with and have been divorced from since 2003 accused me of doing something horrible to our daughter.  if you don't know, in our society all it takes is an accusation to start any type of legal proccess.  after ALL the evidence pointed to the fact that nothing happend and i was given back my custody with out any type of supervision the scare factor kicked it.  my wife and i are so scared that she would make the accusation againts me or my wife or my wife's 13 yr old son that on my weekends my daughter and i go to my sisters house to protect my wife and stepson. this has been going on for a year and i am at the point were i can't do it.  i am torn in half. half the time i am a married man with a stepson and no daughter. the other, a man with a daughter and no wife or stepson.  our problem is we are no longer a family.  my wife will never trust my daughter because of how dangerous her mother is and i to a degree will never trust my daughter.  we are in a situation that i don't see being resolved.  i am the type of man who wants to give his all. i don't play house. i need companionship.  i don't want to put my current wife and or my stepson through anymore turmorial.  i feel like if i leave then they will be better off.  the stress is to much. 


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wow thats a whole lot to deal with-sorry