Why Me!

I met a my ex while I was dating a guy.  The relationship I was in I was looking to get out of because I just was not happy anymore.  So I decided to give my ex a chance because **** I thought I am not happy anyway what do I have to lose.  I mean this guy would do anything for me.  Things were serious for 2yrs and I thought he was the one.  We decided to move in together.  He told me that he wanted to get married and spend his life with me. So we thought lets have a baby!  Smart right! Wrong!  On my birthday we got our first apartment together. I thought this is great I have the man of my dreams and I was 8weeks pregnant!  Well the day of my birthday we moved in well he moved me in but he did not.  That night he was acting strange and I finally said whats up?  He told me that he was not sure that he wanted to be with me anymore and not to be mad.  I was ******* furious!!!There I was 8 weeks pregnant new EMPTY apartment and the man that I thought loved me dumping me on my birthday!!!I  wanted to just die.  but I didn't  I was week the entire pregnancy...very depressed but surrounded by great family and friends.  After our daughter was born I decided to take revenge so I lost weight and started working for a greak make-up company.  He decided to come around more often due to the baby.  So I decided to make him fall back in love with me..I killed him with kindness and seduction...I did this for about a year or so.  Within that years time he was like puddy in my hands.  Unfortunatly I was going out on dates seeing other people without his knowledge.  My birthday came once again and he thought we were going out to celebrate it as a couple.  Well he got all dressed up and so did I.  He was so handsome in his suit too bad there was a note in his coat waiting for him to read.  It read I don't want a gift from you because I am giving myself the gift of letting your sorry *** go.  VICTORY!!!!He cried for weeks he even had to nerve to call my mother like she could do anything.  She told him he got what he deserve.  Now get this till this day Seven yrs later he is single and refuses to date anyone because he says he is waiting for me!!!Isn't that a *****.  I loved him so much but when I needed him to love me the most he jumped ship so what goes around comes around!!!There is nothing like a woman scorned or taken for granted!

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Great story!! I like you spirit :)