Most Beautiful I Have Ever Called My Girlfriend

I met this girl while browsing around on myspace and goofin off like any other day in high school. I saw her profile pic and it was of her butt and it looked nice lol, Now i know what your thinking it was just physical well i never even tried to get with her in that kind of way. One day i instant messaged her and asked her some questions about my current situation romantically and she said i could do better and things like that and i said well, "not as good as you." and she tolf me how attractive i was and that she would date me. I still wasnt convinced at all i thought that there was absolutely no way in hell a girl this pretty would care about me. Well i was wrong and we started talking on the phone for hours and hours, so much that i cant even begin to fathom how many times my battery on my phone died. So after a few weeks of talking we started dating, even though we had never met in person she had seen pictures of me vise versa. She lived local not to far from me. I had dated her for a few months and infact we had broken up due to a fight a few days before we saw each other in person. It was me her and her niece and well it was perfect she was beautiful and there was an undeniable chemistry, in fact her niece even liked me. We got back together and had been together for a while, then broke up a month or so later over something i couldnt even tell you now but anyway we always ended up back together. Well to pause the story for a sec to explain something: 1 she had no car. 2. her mother was racist and didnt believe in interracial dating. 3. I was only able to see her in small doses for only minutes at a time.

Back to the story, under those circumstances any relationship would be stressful but our love for each other or what i thought was endured until i went away to school. When i went to school in a different state she missed me alot and i missed her even though we didnt see each other that much anyways she always would say why couldnt i stay there and go to school and things of that nature. Her name was Brittany by the way. She didnt believe in drinking smoking (tobacco or weed) and when i first met her i really didnt do those kinds of things. When i went off to school however i smoked and drank all the time and that caused problems for me and brittany. She eventually gave me a choice the drinking or her and i said that i would stop if could still smoke weed and well i did as long as we lasted. i now this may seem like it was my fault and part of me thinks it is but listen to this.

Brittany and her mother were close. I respected that, but she said that she wanted to be with me no matter what her mother thought. For the most part she did, but not once did brittany ever talk to her mom and try to get her to reason with the fact that she loved me so she could see me more in person. I had no ill intentions with her brittany knew that and she could have introduced me and tried a number of things to get her mother to let me see her but she didnt. You see im not saying i would have changed all of my ways overnight but if brittany would have tried to meet me half way with her mother than maybe just maybe we would be happily married like her and husband who is in iraq. So, do you think that i was at fault or was i just played with  for all of two years off and on.

18-21, M
Feb 23, 2009