My First Commitment

 I was seeing someone for a year and three months. We got along great the first five monthes so I asked my partner to be with me for the rest of my life.... my partner said yes..... So then we were very exited and we started making plans and buying things. And then the eight month she started drifting away.I tryed to talk to my partner about what was going on .But my partner did't wanted to sit and talk about our relationship.My partner was always tiered or sick or going out with the freinds.I would have done anything to keep my partner in my life but now my partner dose'nt want me in there life.....And thats when I said to myself that I would never LOVE again....It mad me go.... CRAZY...and HURT..So bad that I dont want to do it agian....

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I am so sorry for what you went through, we all had a bad choice of love in our lives, but don't let that get to you.<br />
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Love hurts, but it is worth it, don't close the doors, you are a caring loving friend and I am so sure that someone who deserves your love is going to cross your path.

It could be that she just got scarde and saw her freedom slipping away. Also women are turned off by needy guys (not that you are one). Sometimes women just want a career and someone to talk to.

Prediction: You will survive. You will feel better. You will find someone else and you'll be able to love that person even more. That someone is in the world even now. Pray for them. Are they hurting as you are? Think of that true love just waiting for YOU right around the corner! It's exciting. You have a future! Thank God for it!

Been there, done that...I give up. Ms. Right does not exist!

Im still trying my best not to thank about it . So I fake my day so no one sees my hurt that im feeling.

I'm so sorry.......I know that feeling all to well (((hugs)))