He'll Never Know...

It saddens me how long I have known of this certain-someone and failed to do anything about it. This doesn't really fall under the I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me categoy because I've never gotten far enough to know.

The problem is, he's shy, and so am I. But more so than that, I'm not really in his life anymore. My best friend's now-ex (but probably not for much longer) is his best friend. I really felt like we had something once but the last time I saw him out, he didn't look at me once. I really feel like I've blown it.

I imagine our relationship in my head sometimes, which just makes me sound crazy as ****. But I know how alike we are, and how good we could've been together.

I felt convinced something would happen at one time because there kept being times when I would be left alone with him, and we'd talk a little and get along fairly well.

But now I don't know what to do. Get over it, or keep living a fantasty in my head?

Another thing I haven't brought myself to do is tell my friend, or anyone for that matter, that I like him! Maybe I'm just scared about them telling him and him not saying anything about it ever and it being really awkward/pointless... but on the other hand, if this continues and I never say anything... well, nothing will ever happen.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

Unless you make it a point to ask him. I don't think he would be realize it. Even more so if hes shy. So step out of your comfort zone and chat with him about it. So you will know where you stand. if you don't you will live in reget and allways think how you let him slip away. Whats the worst that can happen he says he just wants to be friends. x