I Want to Stop Thinking About Him

I fell in love with him 9 years ago, i was 17, he was 19. Since then, i never loved anybody else so deeply and with such intense feeling. We were together for only 6 months! And now I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me, we've been together for 5 years, but i still think about that guy. It has been so long, but a few times during these years I bumped into him, and i always felt incredibly troubled, losing sleep thinking about him, how he looks so much better and I look so much worse now, feeling humiliated and sad...

I dont know what to do, i dont want to feel like this, but it always happens... It was so strong how I loved him, and I lost my virginity to him, and ultimately i think that my real problem is that I loved him so deeply and he didnt love me back, I was a play thing to him, and that is unbearable to me...

The reason I'm writing here is that I saw him yesterday, after almost 2 years without seeing him, and again I was very upset and troubled and I cant sleep thinking of him and having fantasies where he says he loves me and wants me back...

Please help me!

girlfromrio girlfromrio
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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Try to see him in your current boy friend that is the best solution. As you don't know what is in his mind. Does he still like you?. <br />
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Don't you love your bf? if you do then stop anything about otherwise your bf will have feeling that there is someone else in your mind .It will disturb your life