Just went through a breakup last night and trying to find strength. I blocked his number in my phone, but unfortunately there is always Facebook and the fact that we work in the same company..
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I am a year out from a divorce. We are in different cities and I have not been on facebook since.

A) Block him on every social media possible. B) Face your pian. C) Move on, unlike him. D) He's not the one for you, it's as simple as that so don't waste your time.

It is not always easy. One of the main factors that I faced was, the good times seem to be coming back over and over again. Not being able to accept that it was all over from her end was very depressing and humiliating too in a way.

The strength is in let bygones be bygones. Do not dwell in it. Move on as if nothing has occurred. The fact that you guys work at the same place can be capitalized to gain inner strength and confidence.

You need closure so your head doesn't run wild. There needs to be hard facts that can help you move on. Moving on is not measured in time its at the pace of your heart. Tie up the loose ends all at one time dont let it go on for days or weeks. Know what went wrong and how you both felt and get all questions answered. From there you need to what you need in your life or how you can make you happy.

Sometimes you never get answers to all your questions. That's when the closure has to come from within.

thats wat love is abt

take him /her as a friend only and had a care for that

I'm going through the exact same thing.... Just want to feel loved

Message me if you need to talk

Just ignore him as if he doesnt exist. My boyfriend for 10years broke up with me 3 days ago. I know how it hurts. But im trying my best to ignore him.

10 years wooow,when did you start dating?

When i was 14. He was my first love and a family friend.

When I was 14. He was my first love and a family friend.

Wow, that's a long time. I am going to ignore him. Today will the first day of many more. I'm going to commit to that. So since you dated him since you were 14, have you ever dated anyone else?

😪 No i haven't dated anyone else like i said he was my first love and we just broke up 3 days ago..

I ignored the texts,calls. If he doesnt wanna be with me anymore then so be it. I already give him 10years of my life thats enough. No more crying.

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Take a few days to cry. Take days off work if you have to. Then start thinking of all the things he said or did that used to annoy the heck out of you. Concentrate on those. Think of it as negative affirmation. Trust me, it works. :)
Oh, and remove him from FB.

That is very good advice. Also, try to find a new hobby, or excercise and someone else said. Occupy your free time with things that will keep your mind busy. Before you know it, time will pass and will you start to feel better.

** as someone else said.

Will do. Thanks guys! :)

Try and find strength through music and of exercise (exercise releases serotonin which is a hormone which makes you happy ) :) I believe you can get through this even if you can't see it yet :) xxxxxx

Thanks sweetie! I'll def be getting my fitness on 💪👍

Did he break up with you, or the other way around?

He pretty much broke up with me after me addressing that are relationship was not exclusive.

It was exclusive to his close friends and family.. Just not social media or people at are work which I can understand the work due to use not really being able to date.. But at the end of the day he said he stopped feeling the spark for me

I've studied Psychology in college (recent grad!), and I can tell you that "passionate love" usually wanes after 2-3 years. What develops after that is "companionate love" which is described as a deep care and concern of a partner rather than the burning intensity of a "passionate love." When people say they "no longer feel the spark," it means that they're craving for a passionate love that's truthfully only present at the beginning of new relationships.

In any case, please know that you can message me anytime! I hope you feel better soon (*Hugs*)

Thank you so much Joe. :) I agree with you about the passionate love dwindling over the years There are a lot more things at the end of the day that are more important than just passion.

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It is very hard to take when you realise that you are no longer loved. Rejection is tough.