Sian Hewitt.

Though' I find myself doubting that anyone will ever read this, I wish to write it, to get it off my chest.

I've had numerous Long-Term relationships throughout my life time and I've felt stronger for the next than I did for the last. I've often considered it 'Love' as it was the strongest emotion I'd ever felt for a woman. Well, as far as I would admit.

Sian Hewitt. A name that makes my heart skip a beat even now. I've known her almost 4 years, and I guess I've 'Loved' her for every day of those 4 years.

My head is full of complaints and thought of this publication - I don't want to come across as another melodramatic teen that think he's in love, because I'm not and I don't. I accept that my feelings for Sian are feelings I've never experienced for any other woman but none the less, I wont accept that it is love, because every other time I have, it's ended in disaster.

Back to my point. Sian is, everything, that I want and everything more; but of course, she isn't interested!

She knows how a feel, roughly. I've never explained to her exactly how much I like her for fear of scaring her sh*tless. I've tried, extremely hard, to be exactly what any other woman would want - Reliable, charming, thoughtful and polite. I'd do anything for the woman and she knows that, but none the less, I guess you can't force someone to feel something for you.

I know if I don't close this rant of mine now it'll be too long and then no one will ever read it.

Such is life.


Casshern Casshern
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

You have already her that you like/love her. Now thats her problem to accept it or reject it. <br />
<br />
If you start talking to any other girl or make a new girl friend, She will start noticing you. I Bet on this!