An Old Flame

Thirty one years ago, I fell in love with a wonderful man, but I was young and wild.....and naive, somewhat.

Anyway, as no real rules were established. He 'ran' things, and I didn't like to be alone. So, when he refused to be with me when I wanted him to be, I went out with someone else......

He broke up with me, we moved on, marrying others, divorcing, and after a few years, began to get in touch with each other.

For the last 3 1/2 years, we have talked at least twice a week. We flirt, making sexual overtones, and even talked about a future together..........even though he was married! We talked about having an affair, even though I was against this, because I do actually have scruples.......but after getting serious about an affair, he backed out..........suddenly.

Now, I have made the decision to simply not speak to him, because, even at 52, I still keep up with "The Rules of Dating". The rules state to NOT call him, as men adore 'the chase'. It's been one week and although it's killing me to not speak to him, I will wait..................because if he doesn't call, I will know that his words, 'I love you' meant nothing!

I had to make a choice between being frustrated by not getting anywhere with him or not talking to him. At least, I can retain my dignity!

curious52 curious52
Feb 27, 2009