I am married on 15 feb. But now. Thr is an another girl in my husband'a life. He promised me that he'll leave her but still in contact with her. He even don't allow me to leave or to die. Now I m hopeless biz nthing is happening good in my life. I love my husband a lot but can't share him with anyone. So now I want to die...
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this is a sad story . so sorry for you dear

Once a cheater, always a cheater. I couldn't bear sharing my husband with other women unless he is a Muslim. :( But in my opinion, you got to decide...

In the end as hard as it is no guy in your life is ever worth crying for so get out there and find a man that you won't have to cry for

Now I can't love someone else...

I m giving him time but still nothing is happening good

You need to get hold of some activity that will help you divert your mind and help yourself think in different angles as well as follow up with him.

Just give him a reasonable time, as he has agreed to leave her. It takes time to get loose of some one who was dear to you. And you should think more positively and not negatively by saying let me die. In any case in life dying is the stupidest thing to do. Staying alive is itself a confidence.

a cheating husband is not worth dieing for, you surely can find a better one