I recently broke up with my girlfriend (1.5 years) because I found out for half the relationship she was lying about how she felt about me. I thought she was the one. But she went and tore my emotions apart and now I'm left. Shattered. Broken. Worthless even to myself wondering why I should even be on this earth
ImNotReallyFine ImNotReallyFine
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Come on! I know it's hurt like HELL but a great and sincere guy like you will definitely find a girl who'll treasure you. I'm not saying it to lift your spirits up but only that I think that you're the kind of guy who worships the ground his lover walks on and that kind of guy Sir is a keeper. The kind of guy wit which you want to take your first and last steps as a lady. I'm not a canon beauty and I'm what kind people call curvy and nasty ones fat but my heart reaches for you and I hope I'll meet someone like you :D. So smile and keep on!