I Can't Believe This Is It...

 I haven't seen/or talked to him in a month. We were never on the same page. We met at a restaurant and I knew 5 minutes into the conversation I was attracted to him. He said he felt an instant connection as well. He was more into preserving our friendship but I wanted more. We would spend time together but there would be times when we wouldn't see each other as much ( and I knew he was seeing someone) but when that relationship didn't pan out, he would come around more. I confronted him about keeping me at arms length and allowing everyone else to have easy access but he said my perception was wrong and I was just feeling insecure and that I shouldn't. right. Now he's seeing a girl who is his best friend. I want him to know how much he's hurt me and then I can probably move on. But right now, it's nothing but tears, all day everyday & my heart literally aches.....I so don't want to feel this.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

One foot in front of the other dear and it'll get better. My high school sweetheart and I tried 3 times over the pat 35 years to have a relationship but it didn't work out. We were too set in our ways according to her.<br />
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But I still feel she is my soul mate but...........<br />
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Sp at 51, I'm back to being single and dealing with the pain & memories of what could have been.<br />
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Not fun but I'll get through it. And so will you!

its one of the most painful experiences to watch someone you want/need be with someone else. it would hurt a lot more in the end if you made this person date you even though they did not want to. I dated my best friend for 2 years and recently broke up with her and regret ever doing so. We lost an amazing friendship that we will never get back.

Cry your heart out dear you'll feel better, and move on...much better things are waiting for you in the future, and you'll get to know yourself more, too. This is probably not meant to be. You know you deserve better and he was right about your perception and being insecure. I just wish you well :)