He Was Stringing Me Along ..

My boyfriend of 6 months has never said he loved me yet so I took the initiative to tell him that I did & he told me that he'll never love me and doesn't think he would, that he'd just be stringing me along. This hurt me more than ever!!

royalcherrydust royalcherrydust
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

At least he was honest. Remember when one door closes another opens. Looking for a good book to read? IS HE MR. RIGHT BY MIRA KIRSHENBAUM.

Damn! That was unnecessarily harsh! A guy said that to a friend of mine once and I swear to God she vried for two days straight. What this guy said to her was, "I could never love you." WTF?!?! Never? That is just wrong. Men need lessons in breaking up.