He Was Stringing Me Along ..

My boyfriend of 6 months has never said he loved me yet so I took the initiative to tell him that I did & he told me that he'll never love me and doesn't think he would, that he'd just be stringing me along. This hurt me more than ever!!

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2009

iam in the same way here iam in love with to men and o ne just is stringing me alone and the other is married which iam also iam so confussed,i love my husband but iam not in love with him, i have told him i wanted out but he just laughs at me we have been married for 26yrs, i nedd help on what i can say or do to et out of this marriage he is still in love with me and i dont want ot hurt him but i have to be happy for my self also, he knows about the other 2 men but he says they dont love me they dont want you, iam very heart broken i need some help

doesn't that drive u crazy, lostwithin? to be attracted to someone who doesn't feel the same way? been there, done that myself.

Of course it hurt, but think of it this way, if he had said he loved you and you believed it..you would have just grown closer and closer to him in the long run and would have been hurt even more if he lied the first time. Love is nothing but memories so if you would have stuck around with him it would have been that much harder to let go. I hate it because for some reason im attracted to the guys who dont want me. aha rediculous i know.

he gets points for not lying to you like alot of guys would have but, knowing that he feels this way, you should let him go and find someone that will love you like you deserve to be loved.

Men can be cruel, especially when they want to get in your pants. I am really sorry - take this as a lesson and move on. YOU are better than that. YOU will find someone - men need to realize that you shouldn't string us on. Our emotions are real - and when you tell someone how much you care, it makes you vulnerable and afraid. [HUGS] you will bo OK. His loss.

That is pretty rough, especially when you invest that much time with someone. You may not want to hear this but its probably better that this happened now and not a months from now. I know that wont make you feel better but it would hurt even more if it happened months from now. You'll feel better soon