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Hey im Kayla. Well, lets see. i have this boyfriend right now. That well the first time i layed my eyes on him i just started to like him and everytime i would see him i would just feel this weird feeling. Now.. that we are going out, i think that i just might love him? i have never been in love before so im not quite sure if i do. But i have had ALOT of boyfriends in my past. i've just never felt this way before. so like anyway..i have just this like feeling he doesnt really like me as much as i like him? But im scared to tell him i like him. soo, can any girls just talk to me and givee me some advice please? i feel so bad. thank you. =[

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2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Kayla lots of girls feel this way so just talk to him and be straight forward about your feelings if you want the relationship to work. Lots of girls of curious of how much thier boyfriends love/like them. Here's some questions to ask yourself. Do you love him? Are you ready for a long term relationship with him? Has he stuck around longer than your last bfs? Is he romantic? Do you enjoy spending time with him? Good luck and remember honesty is the best policy. I wish you all the best. I've been in many situations so if you need anymore help notify me and i'll try to get back with you A.S.A.P.

Hey Kayla, Ive been in a similar situation so my advice to you is just go with the flow. Girls naturally 'feel' more, especially when they feel so drawn to a particular person. It also really depends on how long you have been seeing him to and your age aswell. <br />
I used to get goosepimples every time I saw my guy but i was infatuated with the idea of him (i now realise). Make sure he treats you right and take your time to get to know him properly.<br />
Wish u all the best hon.