I'm sitting my car and crying.. Finally grieving my breakup.. Feeling rejected sucks.. But I really want to get stronger and be better. Unfortunately, I made a mistake with having surgery and my health may get worse from here. I'm fearful of it, but at the same time my fear is part of the reason why I push ppl away. Guys chase me and some many want to date me.. But once I open up and get comfortable.. Their feelings change for me.. And I'm left. My ex said I am catch, but he just doesn't feel sparks for me.. He chased me like crazy at the beginning.. Telling me everything he liked about me.. And was so into me.. Treated me so well.. I began to like him back and trust him.. Then he leaves me empty.. Making me feel like my personality is all that ruined it.
ShellBellem ShellBellem
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

feeling sorry for you dear.. keep patience everything is going to be okay and for sure someday you will have what you want.