where do broken hearts go </3
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I do not know

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Don't you mean 'better' than Barney Stinson ;-) Whoever the hell that guy is... Δ


Into the horizon

They go to a lot of places for a while, but then they become whole again, if you let them.

Why don't you just wall yourself off from the world?

Who hasn't?

Get over it

If she could she would. Emotions arent anlight switch and this is a site for support and respect. Dont be rude if you dont have anything supportive to say dont say anything at all

That was an attempt at tough love.

The BEST way to get over that is to find your TRUE LOVE - he is around... He may just randomly move into ur town.

I think the best way is to accept it and fall in love with yourself. Many mascareade as "true love" till things go sour because it was expected to just be okay. Broken people often fail in relationships. That might be how she got in this position in the first place. You learn yourself as you learn to love yourself and then you can distinguish between what you need from a partner and what you dont. Who is real and who isnt. Who has learned themselves and love themselves and who hasnt and how not to act yourself in order to keep a good thing going instead of ruining it in a self fulling prophecy kind of way. Expectation is the root of all heartache and broken people are the ones with the most expectations. I dont believe in true loves, just two people that click and can choose to emotionally be healthy to one another. Thats just my experience anyway.

In the dustbin. Like a broken glass.

Broken hearts go here on EP. Most all my friends on EP have a broken heart including me. While we may not have the right answer on how to feel better, we have found that just talking to each other does make things feel a little bit better. If you ever need to talk, I would be more than happy to.

We meet on EP

They go to
'Lonesome town'

Into remission until they are able to heal from the cancer of the other person that broke them.

To the cloud. They are password protected but can be hacked. They are sealed beneath layers of padding and security but can still spontaneously bleed. Beware of them, for upon their door is the word Nurosis.

Broken hearts go to heaven where they find you a perfect angel to mend and love it

Many of us have been there.

we just hang about and wait for the next one but you never forget your first one

They heal. Time heals.... It hurts in the the process .... But focus on your happiness :)

yes it is.. just give me sometym to think.. everything happens for a reason.. things will getting better in gods perfect time :)

You are so right! ! ! There will be good days and bad but as time goes on there will be more good... Less bad ... Seek God and better yourself

I like to think it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. Smile and be happy that your a decent enough person to have love in your heart :).

Never fall in love . . Because the people you love most hate you and the people you hate most loves you. .

exactly but never lose hope somday we can find someone whom we can spend the rest of our lives with :)

Now that is a immature statement, why would you hate anybody?? Love is one of the best things on this planet.

yes and love changes everything..

But some people do such works that forces us to have them

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Unfortunately I've loved a few someones that didn't love me. It's hard :( hope things look up soon.

very sad

no where xD

hanging in the air :-/


Mostly joins EP :/

whats EP?

for some its a venting machine, for some its a place of hope, for some its just a stoppage by the road..etc.... so, its up to you, whats EP? :)

I believe they fester inside of us. I feel your pain. Hug

thank u

You're welcome