I know you can never let go of your so called best friend. I know you still have feelings for her, I know you still love her. Why did you stay with me and see me get hurt? It's hard for me to trust you after seeing all those pictures you two took together and posted all over your social media. And yet you never bother deleting them when I confronted you. "We're just friends, we're just friends, we're best friends." It's hurts to see you so close with another girl. Don't you understand? If you say you guys are best friends, how come you never told her you had me? Exactly. In fact, none of your friends knew I existed. You're unfaithful.
Once you see me, a better, a prettier me, you'll want to get back with me, but I'll leave you hanging.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

I'm so sorry that he treated you so poorly. Every woman deserves to be treated as a princess until marriage, then She is a queen! He was too naive to see who his princess should have been. I feel so sorry for you.