Updated "Love"-ness

So I started dating someone to get over the person I'm head over heels for. This is the advice everyone has given me. "Just don't even think about that person and find someone for you to -really- care about". Well- I did it and it bit me in the ***. *lol* Things were fun. I was liking them, they were (I think) liking me and we got to talking about ourselves a bit. I mentioned how I had feelings for a person who would never love me back and they got quiet, sad/mad, and distant. I -did- say how my loving that person was irrational and I was working to get rid of it but current person didn't care. I told them how that person would never ever love me back and current person still didn't listen. Last night ended with them hugging me.
This morning started with a txt saying I had issues and there was no point in seeing me anymore. What a way to wake up. Would that be considered unrequited love? I was starting to love this person and now they damn sure won't be loving me back. *lol* Guess it's a stretch to make it fit.
Issues. Gods and cheese wheels-- I'm going to stay alone and the 'people I care for who don't care back' list is just going to keep growing. Don't know if I want that.
I want to amputate my feelings. Remove them and maybe my life will get easier.
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Baka I"m so sorry you are hurt yet again. I lived a long time in the need a new one to get over the old one too.<br />
There is no giving up though. Every experience you have is something you were supposed to have. There is an opposite to everything. Stop wanting to find love and begin to be grateful for having it. I know this may sound insane but it works...when you put out in the universe that positive energy that you feel when you are in a loving relationship...you become a relationship magnet. You can draw it to yourself by "pretending" to already have it. Try it for a day...If you were happy and in love how would you wake up in the morning? You'd pay attention to the details of yourself...make yourself more beautiful for that person...act like it is there and it will appear. I promise you this kind of thinking works...

My best male friend (also my unrequited love), and who knows how I feel about him, has told me many times that I ought to see other people and get in a relationship.<br />
I just love this guy so much, that the mere thought of going on a date with another guy is like hearing nails dragged down a chalkboard.<br />
I can't even phathom...<br />
<br />
It's also really not fair to the other person that I believe is being "used" to get over the one that is truely loved.