How Do You Stop Loving a Close Friend?

Hi I am a gay women in a loving committed relationship and about to have our first child. The problem is that since I was in my early 20's, I'm now 33 I have constantly fallen in love with my close girlfriends. Currently, this is causing me problems because, it's so hard when you're in love with a close friend because you can't exclude them from your life, even when they're hurting you without realising,because they don't feel the same way. I hate the fact that I interpret every little nuance and look for meaning in every interaction, I feel pathetic, needy and weak.

I just want to stop this bahviour and focus all my attention on my partner, but how do I do that without ending the friendship with this other woman?

Anyone else been in a similar situation? Anyone else long for a closeness and intimicy with other women?
emmsie emmsie
31-35, F
Aug 15, 2007