When does it stop?

I fell in love with a guy when I was 14. Fourteen! We never went out, we were hardly even friends. I'm pretty sure he had feelings for me back then. A part of me believes he still does... But he's been in a relationship with another girl for five years now.

I haven't talked to him in years. I see him occasionally -- we live near each other -- but until recently, I refused to even say hello to him. Even if he did always say it to me. Eventually I'd decided that immaturity didn't suit me. So now, I'll grant him a nod, a "hi," and a victor's smile. (What it is I won, only god knows.)

I'll be twenty in a couple of days, and by any rational train of thought, I should have gotten over him long ago. Often, I'll truly believe I have. And then he smiles *that* smile, and I'm once again reduced to crying and listening to Barry Manilow.

So, when will this stop?
CinnamonCat CinnamonCat
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2014

Better go and talk to him, it's definitely better than just thinking about him and doing nothing

you better find another one