i met this boy in school. he was so cute nd i liked him forever. so one day i was walking to go get my lil sister him and his friend were on the street as always. and his friend came up to me...he said your ******** rite and i was like yea why?..trying to act all hard and ****. then he sed oo my friend wanna heart was in my belly i was soo happy. i felt like god put us on earth to be with eachother.

okay its been like 7 months later nd i feel like im in love with this person. everything was soo great. then he was always asking me for sex,sex,sex. i started to think that was the only reason he was with me. i never gave it to him tho. we did almost everything esle.

as time went by i was still a happy person..i thought he was happy too...come too find out that he was messin around with like 3 other heart was broken..i wanted to die. i was soo faithful to him and he played the **** out of dnt understand i had sooo many feeling though my head and heart at once. i wanted it to be over but i couldnt let go. and everytime i tried to let go he wouldnt let me.

one day i grew some balls and i left him. it took me forever too get over him. and when i did get over him i realized that the boy i was soo in love with..used me and played mee...i loved someone who didnt love mee

brooklyn917 brooklyn917
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2009