How awful to love someone who doesn't love you back, at least not in the way you want her to. You are best friends, and you're always there for her her, but she has told you that she cannot see you in the way you see her.

She has a boyfriend. Self-created scenes begin to seep into your mind of them, a torturous and unceasing motion picture that seeks to stab you where it hurts the most.

Try as you might, you cannot move on, for deep in your being, you know she is the only one for you.
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Unfortunately it doesn't get better with age. Just enjoy what you have, you never know, she might wake up one day.

I know how you feel. The guy I liked used to be with me, and we broke up because he didn't feel like his depression would let him be right... That was three years ago, and I know he'll probably be the only person I'll ever date, and though it hurts, one has to choose to move on to retain the friendship, and keeping going. Even when they're interested in others right in front of you...