Dumb Mistake

I met this guy online. We talked for a while  before we met. Anyway, it seemed like we had a connection. I just recently came out and this just hurt so bad because I put my heart on the line. Life goes on, though it still hurts.

He can go out and do what he wants, but when I start talking to other people, he gets all jealous. There are definitly some red flags here.

Even though I am really in love with him, it would be a toxic relationship. I wont let anyone control me. Its just that you cant turn your feelings off. That really makes it difficult.



Tazchi Tazchi
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Baby Girl, He still talks to me. I do have feelings, but I am working very hard not to let him get to me. I told him we should be friends, and he agreed. I dont see him giving up though so easily. You can just tell in his voice..<br />
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Open Soul, Your right. The cyber world isnt all that it seems. I did put my heart out there and it did come back in pieces. another life lesson learned, the hard way.

yes it hurts i am in one of those situtions now and i dont know witch way to go

Yeah, I have figured that out the hard way. Just going to look for someone local. There are plenty of fish in the sea.