I'm Too Young

A few months have passed since we last talked but it still tears me up inside. I'm 18 now. When I met her I was 16, she was 20. She was my best friend's girlfriend, they had a kid together. She told me that was really the main thing keeping them together, the kid. In about a year I realized I was totally in love with her. We had a lot of talks about serious issues in her life, and she said I was the only person she told about one event in her life that kind of ****** her up. I helped her with it, and she said she felt so incredible that I helped her, and that her boyfriend just told her not to talk about it all the time. He would just say "I don't want to talk about that, you're tough, it's cool." I eventually told her about my feelings towards her when she was seriously hammered one night. She told me she knew her boyfriend was going to leave her one day, because she knew the love was pretty one-sided. I told her I could be there when he did, if she wanted that. She told me that's what she had in mind too. After that she pretended not to remember last night at all because she was too drunk. I didn't believe it, but let it slide. I took it as a hint that she didn't want to talk about what we discussed. A few months later, my buddy woke me up at 1:30 in the morning with a phone call and asked if I wanted to hit a bar. I said I don't look 21, and the bars are about to close anyway. He said "We're just going to play a game of pool, I'm bored. And you'll get in."

So we went the bar, and she was there without her boyfriend. she had been hitting the bars ALOT, which bugged her boyfriend, but he didn't like the bar scene so he never came with. She was being really flirty with some guy who was a total douche but I didn't say anything. He noticed me looking at him though and came over to my pool table and asked if she was my girlfriend. I Told him the truth. "No, but she does have a boyfriend at home." he acted totally astonished and said "I didn't know that dude, wow! I'm gonna totally stay away from her!" I shrugged. Later on she came up to me and said "Why isn't Keith talking to me since he talked to you? what did you tell him?"

"He asked if you had a boyfriend and I said yes." She was a little pissed but didn't argue. I promised I wouldn't scare any more cute guys away from her and she laughed. She then confessed to why she was going to the bars so much, that there was a cute guy that was going through a rough time with his girlfriend. She told me his name and I asked if he was at the bar right now. She frowned and said no, why? I shrugged. She continued to tell about things they'd talked about, and that once they kissed. She asked if that made me mad at all and I said no. I was totally lying of course.

The bar tender was keeping the bar open later than he was supposed to, because he liked the crowd inside and because my rich buddy had tipped him about 160 bucks already. He'd just locked the doors so no one could come inside. I told him I'd help him with dishes for being so cool. So I was helping him do dishes and told him that SHE was my best friend, and really needed to talk to someone she's been hanging around with at this bar. He was like "Oh that's Mark. He's right over there." The name was right, so she'd lied to me. He was stepping out of the bathroom, zipping up his pants. I walked around the bar, grabbed him by the shirt and drug him back inside the bathroom. I slammed him up against the wall and socked him a couple times. The poor guy didn't even know who I was, or what the hell was going on. He ran out of the bathroom and out of the bar. My buddy came running into the bathroom and asked what happened. I told him the guy tried to kiss me (because my buddy is a homophobe and wouldn't ask any questions if I told him that.) SHE obviously knew what happened and was angry, but eventually hugged me and said that it was cool that I was being protective of her (her boyfriend gives a ****, but he's too much of a pansy to do anything about it.) About a month after that she got in a big fight with her boyfriend, and was crying. I was living with them by this point, and they were making me Godfather of their kid. I asked if she wanted to go on a walk and we did. We walked around the block for about three hours, just letting her get it all out. and finally when I thought she was cool, she told me she was going to tell him she was leaving him tomorrow. I was shocked, because she'd always said she'd be with him for as long as possible for her kid. I said ok. I asked what her plan was next. she said she wanted to ask her dad for money, and move away and just be alone. I asked her about us and she said that I was too young at 17, and that she should have never promised anything. She thought I'd be alot older when her boyfriend left her, and was an idiot. She said she wanted me to not think about it, and to try to hate her like everyone else does. I thought she was just being dramatic like so many girls are, but she was actually serious. I moved out of her house out of respect, but tried to keep in touch. she used to call me every day that we were apart, and ask me to babysit all the time, and invite me out to dinner. Now I haven't talked to her in over a month, she's totally cold. It tears me up inside. I can't believe she led me on like that and then shrugged me off easier than the **** she scrapes off her heel.

Oyster Oyster
Mar 7, 2009