Love - the Emotion

I have met women before, dated but never have I felt that strong emotion from deep within, until I met this woman (NBAR). I have asked NBAR out a few times and we have had great time together. I really feel happy when I am with her. But for some reason I do not feel that she likes me much. She doesn't seem to have the same feeling or miss me much. I try send her sms or call her but all the time she is reluctant. Whats confusing is that when we meet, there is magic and she seem happy as much as I am. Overall I am now discouraged as I feel she is not interested as much as I am. I dont think I should convince her to love me. The only problem is that the thought of not being with her brings pain again from inner within and sadness. Damn I hate this life... I am not saying I will hurt myself in any way though. I am just not happy

Ratsie Ratsie
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Whenever you give another person the power to make you happy, you are bound to lose eventually. It's best to find other things that make you happy; learning, hobbies, fitness, spirituality and then find someone with the same interests to share your joys and love with. I know you hurt but you will heal. Keep busy, stay healthy, and dare to love another. You will be fine in the long run.