I Never Got It


I’m always falling for the wrong people either they have partners, are players, hate relationships, like being alone or are just not into me. And on the rear occasion of someone liking me back I feel almost sick at myself. I don’t know maybe because all my relationships have f**ked up either because me or them or both I don’t get it at all. Why can’t I find the right guy and stop chasing fairytales? I maybe should settle for less but if I have no attraction to the people that I attract what’s the point? I don’t get it?   I just recently have fallen for yet another player. He told me he loved me and told me I was everything then at this party everyone was his everything I asked other boys what he said to them they said he wants “bestest best friends” “but he loves me”. That was it I realized I like all the other guys I hanging off a hope. I was so pissed off I didn’t want to stick around for more pain so I left.   But the thing I never got was why? Why do I always, ALWAYS fall for a**holes I don’t and never got it.
fallenchild fallenchild
18-21, M
Mar 8, 2009