Never More Than Just a High School Boyfriend

My experience story on this topic...The woman I was dating wanted a way out of the circumstances of her life at the time. We started living together, she got pregnant, we got married.

Four years later the economy took a slight down turn that hit my industry hard, I got laid off and she refused to move to an area with more diversified industries, more jobs. I took the next highest paying job I could find, it was about a ten thousand dollar a year pay cut, so she left me.

I later realized, despite our marriage, despite our two kids, she was never more committed to me than she had been to high school boyfriends, figuring from the start and all the way through that if she got unhappy she could just break up with me.

And, thus a transitional financial complication became permanent.


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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Sounds like selfishness on her part, sorry, it sucks. But you have two children together, I hope that makes it all worth it. I say that my children are the only good things from my marrage.