It's Happened Again!

The first time it happened was about 4 years ago. I thought I would never recover when he told me to "move on". Hate that phrase!

More recently, a relationship that looked like it was going to be permanent came unstuck when he called it off and I think of him every day. It's 11 mos since he called off the relationship and every now and then emails are exchanged. In the intervening time we haven't seen each other. We did today at his suggestion. Now I feel utterly depressed. I thought I was handling it and over him. Wrong! He was the closest to a soulmate. I didn't sleep well in anticipation of seeing him today. So to sum up, the effect of seeing and being with him again has made me depressed and I shall have to tell him this and decline any further invitations. That is if there are any.

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7 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Thanks Waiwera:>)

Hope it turns out for you, Fleurina!

Thanks koalaguy:>)

Glad to hear that, Fleurina :-)

Thanks for commenting koalaguy and tumblindice.<br />
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Since I wrote, the situation has improved and I'm feeling much better and more hopeful.

I'm so sorry.....

(((Hugs))) Don't know what to say :(<br />
May you feel better soon.