I Need to Let Go...!!! My Heart Breaks When I Think of Him..

I was his Bonnie and he was my Clyde.

I stuck by his side through thick and thin

I was crazy in love, followed him to no end.

He was my prince charming, until something changed.

He cheated on me,  I finally forgave.

A week back together he betrayed me again,

So sick of his lies I slept with his friend.

Sick to my stomache though after the fact, I hid the pain for a year and half.

I finally came clean when he did it again, from that moment on it was never the same.

We should have split but for some reason didnt,

The rest of our lives together were basically ruined.

We faced jail time together for things we didnt do,

We had some adventures, good times and bad.


to be continued



LaurenNaomi LaurenNaomi
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I think as woman we give so much of our power away to men. I mean we play wifey without the ring we play doctor when they are sick we play best buddy when all there friends are doing there own thing. I am just so f*cken tired of men and there lies. My boyfriend and I just broke up a week ago and I want to move on because he broke up with me for no reason. I mean I nursed him back when he fell fifteen feet from a roof top I washed his A*S for crying out loud. Never give a man all of you because you will need some or not most of you when he screws up!!!!!!