I Still Love Him!

For two years I have loved a guy called David. We are good friends and he tells me his feelings and unfortunatly I tell him mine. I cant control myself. i tell him I fancy him but I never tell him I love him in case he got so freaked out. He plays with my mind and flirts and makes me think that I have a chance but I never do. He annoys me so badly! The way he would click his fingers and I would be there in a second! He was manipulative and I knew he was and still is no good for me. but I cant stop loving him!!

I even tried going cold turkey on him. My friends even called him turkey boy but no matter how much i tried I just couldnt stop loving him. He told me who he loved and even though she seemed like a great girl (long blonde hair, funny, popular with EVERYBODY, kind and normal) I hated her! She wouldnt  even look at David and part of me was happy with that. but I also couldnt understand why she wouldnt go out with him.

I confess - I still am in love with him, and as a new school year begins in just a few days I know that it is going to be difficult for me. I am just wishing that he will fall in love with me.

Hoping we will live happily ever after......

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I don't know if someone else has said this as I didn't read all the comments but I feel the same way! I loved this boy since I was 14 and we were at school together finally after 3 years we ended up together after me having boyfriends and him having girlfriends. i built up wall because he was a boy boy and i knew he would hurt me so I never told him I loved him I just didn't was to be so venerable. We broke up last October and I am still in love with him I don't know how to move on. I saw him last week and he has a new girl friend who looks just like me and its heart braking :( sorry for rambling its just nice to find someone you can relate too! xxx

I understand your being afraid to tell him you love him since it seems it's not mutual and I've had the experiene of doing this and the guy turned into a monster and the whole relationship changed from charming and getting along so well, feeling like he was my soul--mate to something ugly. I couldn't believe he was the same man. <br />
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It's been a roller coaster ride for a few years. I'm better but not where I want to be with this. It does take time ,and acceptance of what can't be is the most difficult yet necessary part of this. Letting go is a long process, longer for some relationships than others. I wish you luck with however long it takes, but, face the reality of unrequited love. Not fair, yet real. Velvetflow

i can't help but wonder why great ladies won't love good guys. I'm a good person with a considerate conscience. I find it hard to find a decent lady. They'll always tell they are in relationship or engaged and i woudn't have a choice than to respect their utterances, although, knowing fully well that their so called engagement lacks merit. I'm a Cancer for crying out Loud!!

My Turkey Boy kept calling...aargh. I do believe his is a turkey!

I agree that it is not good to stay close friends with him. You have a strong attachment, which is difficult to break, but you can do it!!! Focus on yourself. Put a stronger emphasis on the other positive things in your life. Discover new ones - not other boys, rather activities that are enjoyable and rewarding to you. In fact, you will meet people you enjoy thru the activities. I was in a similar situation, I took the difficult steps to self administer my own rescue. It was hard but well worth the work. Once I was more removed from the situation I could see that my attachment to that person served as a poison to my well-being - draining my self confidence and compromising my happiness. You are a wonderful person and it is a wonderful world out there. Free yourself to it. And, be gentle with yourself in the process.

ive been through the same thing, i loved this girl for 6 years. i was in the same situation. the best thing for you to do is to just try and move on, if he really did care about you like that he wouldnt be messing with your head like that. you seem to be a great girl,so you shouldnt have any problems finding someone else.

hey! i know how you feel. im in the excact same possitoin except the worst part is i told him exactly how i felt and he rejected me with the i love you too ....but as a friend. it hurts so bad but i do believe he cares about me. Actualy i know he does because weve been best friends sence the third grade and even though i want so badly to just stop loving him i cant and same as you i treid to just stop talking to him and i thought it would work but as we both know it didnt........so ive decided to just be friends with him but not lie about how i feel about him, no matter what i will always be wiating for him to come around but untill then im not going to let that stop me from going out and getting to know other guys because maybe im just confused about the diffreance in loving someone and being IN love with someone. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you remember that if you feel that someone thinks there too good for you then there probably not the right persoin. ive allway imagined that when or if i ever truely fall in love that there will never be any doupt as to them feeling the same way.<br />
i hope thats the truth..?..?

I completely understand what you're going through. I was completely in love with a guy named Ryan for three years and he also made me feel like I had a chance when I didn't. It was horrible but I moved on and so will you. You just have to ride it out.<br />
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Good luck.

he must be proper ****** in the head den ay

First... I disagree with SunnyDayAhead... you are never stuck! It takes courage and fortitude, but you don't have to take **** for the remainder of your life. Life is too short.<br />
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MysticWriter... no matter what you do, say or how you act will not make David love you back. If the chemistry is not there, he will never pursue quality time with you. Telling him how you feel might enable him to keep you in his circle for the power it gives him or the head trip... until he does score with someone he desires. <br />
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I, too, love someone who doesn't love me. I will always love him, but I know he will never love me in the same way. So, I have beautiful memories and hope for the future... for I know there is someone out there who will love me back AND he's looking for me, too.<br />
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Hang in there, MysticWriter. Your day will come!<br />
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thanks elena that was really helpful, the only thing is i can't stop interacting and as much as i try i keep holding on. even when other guys are in my life i hate to admit he's all i think about.

can i just say everything in that story besides the name david is exacttlyy the same situation as me. like exactly. how frustrating is it? i don't know what to do! it just keeps getting worse by the day because I won't let go or forget him.

I am 58! Yuck! You are young and I am old. I am not giving advice, just lifes experiences.<br />
Love is something that comes as a shared thing. It will happen to most of us a few times. Now the heart is controling your mind. I have found that both sexes like the chase. If you really want him be happy around him with others. Talk to boys in front of him. Make him wonder what he is missing. You will find that either he will refind you or you will find another by being happy and talking to other boys. <br />
Advice, choose your love carefully. Love is a very serious thing. I fell in love and have been living with a woman for 10 years, (my wife). I made a mistake. She treates me like **** and I hurt every day. You are better that that. You are worth more. I am stuck at my age. Make sure the love and sharing is mutual.

you dumbass if you aint learned your lesson by now you never will so quit being a cry baby

I agree with Tiamichelle- be careful with being friends. It makes moving on harder, and moving on is hard enough with out added complications. Unrequited love is painful, but one good thing that comes out of it, is it does make you stronger.

sometimes we know when a person is not good for us but you still continue to let them do whatever and whenever the want but little do they know that you will get tired of their crap and realize that you are really in control and they will no longer have powwer over u.

I am going through the same , his name is Tom , we have been frinds now for over a year , hes single , not really tring to find a girl friend , instead he wanted a friend and with benifits , but no commitment, dumb me !! I went for it , hoping things would change for the better . last week I told him how I felt , and yep he freaked and ran , after 3 email with every excuse in the book and blaming me for it all , I have not heard or talked to him, he even blocked me on msn till last night , I asked why by email and he took it off ??<br />
he said he didnt want a relation ship and my lifstyle was not his preferance , he said rasing a 3 year old was not waht he wanted to get involved in, well shes my grandaughter , and I know its just a nother excuse because he got close to her too , and I never told him he had to help raise her nor did I tell him to carry her , play with her etc.he did this on his ownI may never know the real reason , but yep I know how you feel and <br />
maybe one day ...maybe ??? <br />
blessed be

Yes, I think you will only get hurt by David. Usually when the months turn tinto years and nothing has happened it is a sign that they see you as "friend" material! I know it sucks. If you can still handle david as just a freind then have fun otherwise girl move on!

My name is also David. I really think you should find another man. My ex-girlfriend let me down, and I am now happy married with a girl I met on Searchingmillionaire.com. So please cheer up.

You may not be able to see or feel or believe it now but, you will love again.....and, it will be so much better than now because, one day you will love someone that actually loves you back! You have many exciting experiences ahead of you. Loving men never gets less complicated or painful but, it does get better!!! hang in there! HAVE FUN!!! (and try to stay out of trouble, too. i can tell you're a good person!)