I Loved Her Dearly.

It seems I was fooling my self for maybe 2 years.  I was in love with this other woman for two years, and I think it was returned for a short while, but then it stopped, but I was not told.  Instead I was lied to, and told things she thought I wanted to hear.

I would much rather be told the truth and hurt, than be led on by lies, and then find out from someone else that I have been lied to for heaven knows how long.   I would have done anything for her, and indeed did a lot for her, but nothing came back in return.  I would rely on txt messages and phone calls that turned out always to be disappointing.  In the end It was I who questioned this behaviour, and it was someone else who told me the truth.  She could not face me.

I don't understand people who do this sort of thing.  Maybe she thought she was doing it for the best, so as not to hurt my feelings, but I was hurt nearly every day.  I respect honesty, but detest lies.  Now I think she is the loser, not me, as my love was genuine, and hers was not.



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