How Stupid Could I Be?!?!?

Very is the answer that I am looking for.

I was in a "relationship" for years had a baby with this guy, believed his lies. When we first started out he was living with another girl who he told me was his cousin, until the girl called one of my firends looking for him and identified him as her man. and I confronted him and still believed him.

There were times when I was pushed, hit, and down right degraded, but all it took was an apology and I was good. How stupid could I be?!?!? Very is the Answer.

I let this "less of a man" run my life.

He was always out and about with other females and I was always right there when he called, he even had me around these females and I knew nothing. I was in love with someone who clearly didn't love me despite what he said.

How stupid could I be?!?!? Very is the Answer 

Until one day he decided to give our 8 month old daughter beer and I filpped the F out, I was DONE!!!

You can play with me all you want but you F with my kids and I will F with you. I gave what he deserved I called the police and his parole officer and told them everything that I knew that he had done, past, present and future plans. Guess who's in jail serving a life term.

Now who's running MY life, ME!!!!!!

3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

You can't help who you fall for. <br />
It's very easy to believe every word a man says if you are in love with him. Basically trying to kid yourself that he's telling the truth, wanting to believe him because you love him so much and "he would never do that to you".<br />
I've done it myself. But i'm so glad that you've been able to put your kids first and taken control! <br />
good on you! your strength is incredible.

Good for you! I was in a VERY similar situation with my ex-husband! I wasted the last 8 yrs on someone who was incapable of loving anyone but himself! And now he's in prison too. Life goes on and what doesn't kill us, makes us all the more stronger! And in time hopefully both of us will find someone appreciative of love!

good for you- maybe youll find a great guy next!