My Life Is Gone

my girl friend  broke up with me, she says she doesent love me but i am still in love with her i thought i was going to marry her but now all of a sudden she left me all i wanted was a life with her she said she loved me but it was all a lie.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Sorry about the pain you are feeling now, but even though you can't see it now . . . things will get better with time. Your life isn't gone just on hold : )

You cannot make someone love you, and you cannot hold someone to a confession of love that they have made previously. What you can do is just let time take care of things. In two weeks without contact, the suffering should be over and you should be ready to find someone else. Finding Mr. Right or Mrs. Right is a process. You will likely go through this process which fails many times before you find the one that lasts. And when you find the one that lasts, hold onto it and show your appreciation for it as much as possible. For in the long run, even in a successful relationship, one person leaves before the other (most often in death). Then it will take far more than two weeks to get over it.