My First Experience With a Woman

I recently slep with a woman for the first time, a friend I met a year ago who is bi.  I had never met anyone bi or gay before and so never had any opportunity to even think about going there with a woman.   All my other experiences had been with men and none of them ever made me feel the way I did when I was with this woman.  I felt so free and it fet so honest - it was extraordinary.

Problem is that it was all so new and exciting and hands down the best sexual experience I've ever had without seeing it happen, I let myself fall for her.  Not sure whether it was love or just lust but the minute she could see I had fallen she walked away from the friendship.  Now I am left broken heart broken and confused.  I want to experience that again but I've been with men so now have no idea what it all means.  Would I know without doubt if I was a lesbian or is it not that simple?

Belgina Belgina
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

A door has been opened to you reveling another facet of who you are, that's all. Don't try to over analyze it. Let it sit in your memory for a while. The answers to your questions about yourself will come to you on there own. <br />
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As for her, she probably did not intend for you to have such a strong emotional reaction to her and doesn't want to encourage you any further. So, to avoid hurting you more, she walks away. Sounds like a friend to me who realized she made a mistake and doesn't want to hurt you. Just my opinion. Good luck!